A local Fox affiliate tracked down DMX and spoke to him briefly about the reported boxing match between him and the man that killed Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman.  It had previously been reported that the fight was happening but recently DMX’s publicist said that is not the case, here we have the dog himself speaking about the potential fight.

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When the news first came out that a potential fight between Zimmerman and someone like The Game I think many people were almost excited at the idea that in some small manner George Zimmerman might get a little bit of what he has coming to him.  However now that it seems the much less formidable DMX has been singled out as the potential opponent people are realizing that the entire idea of this is ridiculous.  It’s nice to see that the one major thing DMX reinforced is that he would not do the fight if Zimmerman did not give all his earnings to charity.

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Spencer @Sjeezs