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Sushi-sashimi-Plate-Wallpapers“I Love your sushi rolls / hotter then Wasabi.”

Whether it’s Drake in HYFR saying those x-rated lines, the 2006 track “Killa Cam” where Cam’ron declares himself “the Sushi King”, in one connotation or another the popularity of sushi has been rising in Hip-Hop more than ever. Artists like Sir Michael Rocks (Good Sushi) and Iggy Azalea (Sushi bar) have even had songs with “Sushi” being the theme.

When ordering sushi, many make countless mistakes that traditional sushi makers are most likely gritting their teeth as they witness. Whether you enjoy nigirizushi, makizushi, temaki or simply sashimi make sure the next time you are out that you order, eat, and enjoy it properly. Below are 8 rules to follow when eating sushi. After you master them check out some Amazing Sushi Art here.