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Winter Olympics medal count update: USA at 5 total in 4th place.

While people are anxious for a boatload of albums to drop in the warmer months, the next generation of hungry rappers are planning and making moves. This week, we have four projects-two from the South and two from the Midwest. It’s always nice, and I genuinely mean this, when I get emails from angry rappers when no one from their region is represented one week. It gives me hope that some artists out there don’t see Hip-Hop as just a hobby but rather a competitive job. No one raps to be just okay. Let’s see what passionate rappers this week brings. Give us your opinions on Twitter. PS: The DMX/Zimmerman fight will never go away, will it?


In case anyone has this column’s aim twisted, consider being featured on SYLR as the official first step to your endless path to getting to the top of the chain and staying there. Notice how we said, “staying there.” Some artists have been putting in work and have seen relatively minimal hype. This platform was created to spotlight those deserving the attention of industry folk, fans, and everyone in between. Be sure to stay up to date on what’s legit by checking out the four projects below. If you feel differently, we welcome you to prove us otherwise.

Attention all rappers: This weekly post is a call to arms-lyrical arms. If you do this thing called rap, these four projects are four slaps in the face punches to the throat. And no one just takes a punch to the throat without retaliation. Let’s see yours. And for those who were selected already, let’s see where you go from here. The Source is watching…

South: ShomeThe Balancing Act

The New Orleans emcee uses his andante flows and smoky voice to help tell his ups and downs of life. No frilly raps here. The project acts as a soundtrack and a handbook to what it’s like in Shome’s streets. The production is spot on for the gravity of the real life Shome lives day to day-escapism mixed with realism.

South: Spillage Village RecordsBears Like This

Anything Earthgang related has my attention so when I found out that they were part of an Atlanta label that just put out a compilation EP, I had to check it out. The beats are refreshing and the lyrics are one part game talking to the ladies and two parts overall confidence. The strength of independent artists/labels out right now is phenomenal. You can expect Spillage Village to contribute to that.

Midwest: Dj ChiThe Twenty EP

When artists give music out on their birthday, everyone wins. Dj Chi did just that earlier this month by letting loose an EP with some friends of his, GRWYF$ (Get Rich With Your Friends). The Midwest collective went in over six Dj Chi heaters. They don’t try to be the most cerebral rappers and they wear their tough guy faces well. Look out for individual projects from the Get Rich $kwadd this year. Happy belated 20th, Dj Chi.

Midwest: SulaimanHook, Line and Thinker

The Treated Crew member worked with Doc Da Mindbenda on this slight curve ball. Sulaiman picks some smoother joints to rock to, mixing his usual vulgar style, but toned down, with more personal experiences. Where’s that next Treated Crew tape though, Mano and Co.?

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