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Last night The Walking Dead returned with a bang giving us the same shocking surprises that has us all tuning in.  Herschel is dead, the group is broken up and oh yeah, ‘Where’s Carol‘ ?  Here are’s top 10 surprising revelations about the return of the best show on television!

1.  Michonne is still not the one to test.  After successfully doing what Rick wasn’t capable of doing, Michonne killed the Governor and picked up two more Walker slaves in the process.  She also paid respects to Herschel by piercing his Walker head with her mighty sword.  His wisdom will be greatly missed.
2.  Carl has hit that teenage stage where he knows it all and is not impressed with his father’s leadership skills.  Rick who is badly injured from his fight with the Governor is barely hanging on and his weakness is evident.  During a hunt for shelter Carl talks to his dad like the roles have reversed. As they stumble upon a husky Walker stuck in diner, Carl overrides his father’s directions and shoots the Walker in the head.  “You couldn’t do it with the ax!” He yells at his father.
3.  Once they find shelter, Carl’s anger with his dad is evident as he yells instructions and makes slide remarks about his fathers health. After propping a couch at the door for protection, Carrl yells at Rick, “I made a slipknot, Shane taught me, remember him?”  Ouch. Question: Is Rick strong enough to discipline his rude son?
4. Michonne falls into a deep sleep that introduces us to her first Walker slaves who appear to be 2 men she was close with.  A baby appears and we see Michonne smiling and talking from ear to ear until her dream turns into a nightmare as she envisions the 2 men with their arms chopped off.  Who knew Michonne talked and smiled so much?5.  Carl wakes p to discover Rick is not responsive and  2 hungry Walkers are banging on the same door that Rick knew to protect.  Carl decides to lure the Walkers away from the house which puts him in a sticky situation.  A Walker surprises him from the back and he falls down and shoots the Walkers in the head barely making it away and not adhering to his father’s suggestion of saving bullets.  Some teens only learn the hard way.
6.  After barely escaping, Carl returns home to belittle his injured father.  Hurling insult after insult and telling his father he doesn’t need him for protection he scolds Rick telling his dad he was more concerned with hiding and didn’t protect the camp including Judith and his mother.  Rick doesn’t respond and Carl tells his father, “Now you are nothing. I’d be fine if you died.” …Kids!
7.  Out on a food run, Carl discovers an 112 ounce can of chocolate pudding that he gorges like the kid he is and then gets startled by a trapped Walker who was 2 inches away from making Carl mince meat.  After wasting bullets and losing his gun, Carl escapes, but not before writing on the door, “Walker inside, he got my shoe, but he didn’t get me.”
8.  Michonne continues her journey through the woods until she spots a Walker woman who she appears to know.  In a fit of rage, Michonne slices and dices and entire field of Walkers without interruption and continues to follow 2 sets of tracks in the road.  If I were Rick I’d nix the food run and commence a ‘Search-for-Michonne-run’.
9.  Rick wakes up in the middle of the night making gurgling sounds that cause Carl to draw his gun.  In the heat of the moment, Carl gives up and cries admitting he was wrong, and Rick finally musters the energy to say, “Carl don’t go outside, stay inside.”
10. Hot on the trail, Michonne follows the 2 set of tracks and cries when she peers through the window and spots Rick and Carl.  In a trail of tears she cries with relief that she’s found her friends and Rick tells Carl, “It’s for you.
Tune in next week to see the dramatic continuation of AMC TV’s THE WALKING DEAD at 9pm!