New York City is in the midst of one of its coldest winters in recent memory; snowstorms have slowed its fast paced citizens in their tracks, ice has caused its suburban workers a multitude of slippery problems, and consistent freezing temperatures have caused everyone to turn on mother nature. January’s average temperature was 29 degrees, while during the same stretch last year, it was around 35 degrees—two degrees above freezing. Six inches of snow blanketed the region, while two polar vortexes bombarded the area and put everyone in a frigid stranglehold.

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nyc winterWhile businesses around the area typically see lower or slower numbers in this season, this unusually brutal season may have caused a bigger dent than they are accustomed. According to amNewYork, there has been a reduction in the amount of tourist willing to brave the cold to visit some of the city’s major attractions. Winter wonderland standards, such as The Rockefeller Center ice rink or Bryant Park, are experiencing drastic decreases in attendees, due to the cold weather.  As Carol Olsen told reporters, “Attendance is down, primarily due to the extreme cold. the cold definitely affects our attendance.”

However, tourist attractions aren’t the only ones hurting. A slew of restaurants have also been hit, noting that people would rather stay indoors than venture to their favorite eateries. Although, the few food hot spots that cater to the hungry needs of those near subway station have been able to avoid the full effects of the weather. No matter what though, this is bad news for their bottom line. Museums have also noted that they are receiving fewer student tours, with The Queens Museum of Art stating that they have seen a twenty percent decrease.


Broadway used their keen foresight and wisdom to predict the possible calamity that this weather could have caused, which led them to formulate ways to avoid this outcome early. Thanks to special packaging deals and perks (as simple as free hot chocolate for coming early), they were able to buck the trend and succeed this quarter; filling 44,000 more seats than they did last year. Creating an incentive based market, has made their shows much more valuable and worthwhile reasons to leave the house.

Hopefully, businesses will be able to learn from their Broadway brethren in time to boost their sales and numbers. Really, we hope this weather moves past our area as soon as possible, because the typically battle worn New Yorkers are beginning to show some weariness. We will have to wait and see.

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