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Love and Hip Hop-The Source The cast reflect on the good and bad times on the show

Last week on the VH1 hit series, Love and Hip Hop, it is the first part of the reunion show. The first time around there were surprises, love triangles explained and old rivalries rehatched.

Let’s discussed what happened tonight as things got crazy with a capital C and Her Source countdown the top four moments from the show that was filled with intensity and surprises that we definitely didn’t see coming.


Check them out below.

1. Amina drops the biggest bombshell of Love & Hip Hop history

As Peter, Tara and Amina are talking to Mo’nique, she felt that it would be a good time to reveal something not even the cast doesn’t know. She pulled out a pregnancy test and the result is that she is pregnant. As she tells everyone the good news, you know the saying not all news is good that resulted in Peter leaving the stage and not being amused by the news.

2. Peter Finally Has A Breakthrough

When the news hitsthat Amina is pregnant, he does not seem to be amused by the news. As he walked off the stage and finally showed his true feelings as he broke down and cried. He finally gave Tara the apology that she needed and that he was ashamed by his actions on the show.

3.Erica Jean vs. Saigon (Round Two)

As they reflect on their time on the show, things get intense between these two as they still continue to argue about what happened in the season and their son. Things take a left turn as he continues to disrespect her by telling her to shut up.

4.Round Three: Tahiry vs. Rashidah

When they were looking back on this season, it showed how Tahiry and Rashidah’s friendship ended for good. As Mo’nique is talking to them about why they ended their friendship and Rashidah called Tahiry a whore because of what she does for a living. She was making threats towards Tahiry and her ex Joe Budden.

This season has been a crazy and a wild one as one friendship ended, another relationship formed. You know the old saying, “some things may come but others go.”

Tune-in for season three of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta premiering in the spring on VH1.

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)