LeBron James, NBA, Miami Heat, King James, DunkYear after year, around the middle of January, fans everywhere wait with baited breath for the unlikely announcement from the King. Lebron James has teased basketball lovers for what feels like an eternity, each season promising that he will participate in the  next All Star Game’s Dunk Contest. Of course, he inevitably recants his statements the following winter, breaking the hearts of everyone highly anticipating his appearance. Even though the arguably greatest player of all time, Michael Jordan performed and won in two contests, James has taken a more reserved approach and opted out.

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It might be due to the risk of injury, the risk of burnout, or most likely to spare his competition the heartbreak of sheer domination, Lebron has chosen to sit and watch, rather than play along; however, everyone knows that he will be an amazing contestant. Last night, a video crew caught the Miami Heat star practicing his high flying dunk ability after practice. Every dunk was impressive; all three looked incredibly effortless and extremely powerful. A cruel, cruel taste of what could be, if he just took the leap into the prime time.

Check it out:


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