marcus smartMarcus Smart will not be on any college basketball court for the next three games, as a result of the shoving incident involving Texas Tech superfan Jeff Orr. While everyone from Gabrielle Union to Metta World Peace is offering their opinion regarding the incident, Smart should be listening to one person, and that is LeBron James.

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LeBron James has been on the list of “America’s Most Disliked Player in the NBA”, especially after “The Decision.” And now that he is winning with the Miami Heat, its almost certain, more opponents’ superfans hate him even more than before. James has encountered spitting incidents and drinks thrown on him, but still remains cordial.

Below are four lessons Marcus Smart can learn from James about fan interactions.


-Chika Dunu (smearedmascaraa)

LeBron James plays catch with Heat Fan…
Here LeBron is simply focusing his energy on the ones that love and appreciate him. Don’t feed into the negativity and the naysayers.