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Her Source got a chance to sit down with the beautiful and talented, Torrei Hart and she dished the dirt on her former husband, Kevin Hart, projects that she has in the works, her new reality show, Atlanta Exes, Saturday Night Live, and her do’s and don’ts when it comes to love and relationships.

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The YouTube sensation “BRKDWN” made its television debut last Fall on the Bounce Network in October 2013.  Based upon the online show, the new version of BRKDWN will be a half-hour series featuring pop culture news and stories of the moment as viewed through the distinctive lens of today’s media- connected urban experience. You will get a glimpse into the day in the life of tapping an episode of “BRKWN” at the Bunim- Murray studio and perhaps be featured in an upcoming episode!

On this particular episode Torrei gave her lively opinion on “At About Last Night,” on this week’s episode of Bounce TV’s hit show BRKDWN.



Check Out Our Exclusive Interview Below:

How is your relationship with Kevin Hart?

Torrei Hart: We have a great relationship, we are actually good friends, we co-parent our two kids. I’m happy and excited about his success because I was there for him before he made it big. He supports me in everything I’m doing and I support him with his movies. With everything he’s got going, his success feels like my success. His work ethic inspires me to work harder to become successful as him.

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, what are your do’s and don’ts when it comes to love and relationships?

TH: My do’s when it comes to love & relationship are make sure that you treat your girl like the queen she is and always do right by the woman and buy her nice things. In my opinion, Valentine’s Day is for a woman and it is a man’s job to pamper and cater to her. My don’ts are if a man doesn’t cater to his woman then there is no purpose for that at least for me.

How do you feel about the Real Husbands Of Hollywood?

TH: I never really watch the show, but I heard good things about it & it’s successful. My only problem with the show is with the character Bridget because she’s playing me, but I wasn’t on the show. I think because of legal reasons, the other husbands had their wives & ex-girlfriends on the show and I was the only one that wasn’t on the show. Nobody can’t play me like me.

How does it feel to be on the show BRKDWN?

TH: I love the BRKDWN family and it’s a new show. It’s a great show that has a urban feel to it in which I like about it, but has some material that can reach mainstream. They were nice to me and let me do my thing on the show. I like their movement and some of the topics that they talk about. I definitely look forward to working with them. Working on the show, it was an opportunity for me to use my comedy skills on the show and I am so grateful for the opportunity.

What made you do Atlanta Exes?

TH: The show is a spinoff of the show, Hollywood Exes. I actually got asked to do Hollywood Exes but at the time I wasn’t ready to do reality TV. I decided to do Atlanta Exes because I was starting a new life and adjusting to not being married anymore and currently I am bi-coastal right now going back and forth to LA and to my new home Atlanta where my ex lived. I want to showcase my acting career, my comedy career and my new endeavors with the Skimpy Mixer (a new alcohol beverage).

What are some of your upcoming projects?

TH: Besides Atlanta Exes and BRKDWN, I have my Skimpy Mixer drink, my acting career, my comedy career and I recently executive produced, wrote and acted in an 18-minute movie called, Victim of Circumstance, a movie about a young girl named Terrence as she goes through horrible events in order to go to college. The movie was recently screened at this year Pan African festival and I’m excited for what’s to come for me in the future.

Make sure you watch BRKDWN every Tuesday at 9:30 pm on Bounce TV

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-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)