Kevin HartKevin Hart, the two time NBA All-Star Celebrity Game Most Valuable Player, has already promised to bring home a third trophy after this year’s exhibition. While more than a fair share of people tuned into and enjoyed his press conference, there were a few who were quite upset about the announcement. Ne-Yo was among these detractors, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone following their extended bromance/bro hatred over the years. However, in the latest episode of 3xMVP, the two finally throw down the gauntlet and promise to bring it during the game.

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The hilarious video is filled with a lot of smack talk, including an extended “shut-up” battle that gets a little heated. Unfortunately, the two couldn’t meet face to face, as Ne-Yo was touring at the time, but he did make appearance via Facetime. This rivalry is no laughing matter though, they are promising to bring the heat this weekend. We can’t wait to seem them on the court, its going to be fun.


Jimi (@Nativejimi)