MN Fats This Is 50

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In a recent interview with ThisIs50, Minnesota’s own MN Fats discussed the possibility of signing with a record label that is headed by “brothers who came from the street”. And like most artists out in search of a deal, the opportunity to link with a team who understands the background of the artists lifestyle is obviously advantageous for all parties.

This is what Fats had to say to TI50’s Young Jack Thriller on the matter:


The labels have been hollering at us since forever. But that money, they were saying they would pay us what we making already. And that don’t make no sense. But now we’ve been getting some calls. We’ve been getting some real offers. But what I wanna do, is I wanna sign with a negro. I wanna sign with a street negro. I don’t wanna sign with nobody that don’t understand me. So I really want to sign with some brothers who came from the street, who got a sack, and who know – like they vision is my vision, my vision they vision. You know anybody like that?

Check out the rest of the interview, in which Fats spits an off-the-dome freestyle, discusses what it’s like to come up from Minnesota, and more. Do you think 50 would ever make a move such as this?

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– Scott Randell (@DefinedByMvsic)