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The Haves And Have Nots-The Source The story is not over…

Last week on the hit series, The Haves And Have Nots, Candace finally gets a chance to see Benny and Wyatt finally confess on what really happened that night with Benny and the little girl. When all arrived from the funeral, they all went back to the Cryers’ house to talk about the situation.

This week,  Jim is trying everything he can to protect Wyatt from getting arrested in the death of the little girl and hitting Benny. He swears that he would never get on drugs again because he now regrets what he did.

While having a conversation at home with Jeffery, Amanda confesses that she wants to kill her parents but she insisted that it was a joke but Jeffery is not to convinced. At the hospital, Hanna is approached by a detective about who hit Benny and he offers to help her through her struggle. Hanna finally arrives at the Cryers after the situation with Benny and is approached by Celine and they begin to argue that resulted in them slapping each other.


Hanna arrive at the Cryers home as she wanted to talk to Kathryn but Jim insisted that she was busy but she wasn’t. When Katheryn visits Hanna at the hospital, she witnesses the poor treatment that Benny has been receiving. Tony serves Hanna with court papers for an emergency hearing to have Benny taken off life support so he could save his life but Hanna is not having it.

 Tune in next week as more drama unfolds
-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)