In search of the perfect R&B songs to get your partner in the mood? Look no further.

Visit for more information, The SourceWell folks, love is in the air. Valentine’s Day has officially arrived and we figured we’d provide those of you lovebirds celebrating it with a couple of R&B joints that are guaranteed to get your significant other in the mood. Don’t look so surprised, either. I mean, what else did your plans consist of after that romantic, candlelit $200 dinner, other than retreating to your lover’s abode for a little ‘nightcap,’ only to end up hungrily ripping away at one another’s articles of clothing?

This playlist consists of nothing but gems and is comprised of sultry cuts from Toni Braxton, Xscape, Floetry, Faith Evans, Janet Jackson, etc. While we’ve included classics that everyone will enjoy, I’m certain all of you 90s babies, in particular, will undoubtedly find an appreciation for this.


Lend an ear to the songs below.

– Antionette Latrese (@_ALatrese)


1.) Toni Braxton – “The Art of Love”

2.) Xscape – “Softest Place on Earth”

3.) Jhené Aiko – “Wait No More”

4.) Floetry – “Say Yes”

5.) Goapele – “Play”

6.) Christina Milian – “Highway”

7.) Lil Mo – “First Time”

8.) JoJo – “Demonstrate”

9.) TLC – “Red Light Special”

10.) SWV – “Rain”

11.) Faith Evans – “Kissing You”

12.) En Vogue – “Don’t Let Go (Love)

13.) Beyoncé – “Dance for You”

14.) Janet Jackson – “Any Time, Any Place”