ASOS PETITE Mini Dress With Leather Look and Velvet Panel

ASOS PETITE Mini Dress With Leather Look and Velvet Panel

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Velvet is a hot item that could be a strong element added to your everyday style. With the popularity of velvet this season you can get away with transitioning some of these pieces to spring. From blazers, jeans, dresses, sneakers, clutches, crop tops to open toe heels this 90’s item has definitely been transformed. The great thing about today’s velvet looks is that it’s more tailored then what you wore in the 90’s but be careful if you overdo it you can walk around looking like a magician.

The plush fabric looks amazing especially when it’s not the cheap kind. Sticking with one stable piece of velvet in your look is best and paying attention to the cut can make a big difference. When opting for a velvet blazer or trousers a fitted, menswear silhouette is best.


If you are scared to try it out start with subtle accessories rather than the clothing. A velvet necklace could definitely pop on your favorite dresses or a velvet clutch could be a great statement piece.


ASOS Petite Mini Dress with Leather Look & Velvet Panel– $45.37

-Lakeithea Nicole (@lakeitheanicole)