Nas And Kelis-The Source

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Nas & Kelis

These two are definitely in a NY State Of Mind, one from Harlem one from Queens. He made it known that he had a crush on her since she released her debut single, “Caught Out There” and was immediately attracted to her. The opportunity for them came years later at a after party and the two hit it off. They both poured their heart into their relationship and they collaborated together on her single, “Blindfold Me”. He ended it official as he proposed to her and got married in 2005. To show his love for her, he got a tattoo of her on his arm in which people thought that was weird. They had a beautiful son together Knight and their relationship ended in divorce. But he did a song about their relationship “Bye Baby” in which he plays old videos of their relationship. This is one relationship that should’ve stayed together.