SWV Reunited Recap-The SourceLast week on hit the show, SWV Reunited, was all about cheating, a subject that is very important in relationships. The group heads to Atlanta to work on a new song with Sean Garrett and while getting ready Taj checks out a blog about a story that happened a year ago about her husband being with another woman but she insisted that the story is so not true. Lelee asked her if she had any problems with groupies and Taj said that groupies should have a problem with her. Taj was telling Coko and Lelee about the blog, how it affects her and how she wants to confront the blogger.

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This week’s episode was about Coko looking for her older son, Jazz because he is due for court and he is charged for vandalism. Her doorbell rang and it was Jazz, her prayers were answered. They finally went to court and he didn’t end up in jail but doing 50 hours of community service. The girls and Cory were concerned about Coko because they haven’t talked to her since their blowup.

As they were walking down the street, Lelee told Coko that she could relate to what she was going through and that her son went to jail for three months. She told Coko that he changed for good and that it taught him a valuable lesson. When court was over, Coko told the girls that she is going with them to Howard Theater for a show.


Lelee goes on a date with Farrah Gray who is a doctor and they ended up going to a bar which was fun for them as they double dated with Taj and George. When the girls are getting ready for their show at Howard Theater their manager, Jeff Robinson calls them to tell them that Sony Records wants to do a deal with them. Just after a killer performance, Coko tells the girls that a gospel label wanted them to do a song but the girls are not feeling it and tells her to make a decision whether to stay with SWV or not.

Tune in next week for the season finale if they are going to stay together

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)