Darren SharperDarren Sharper was arrested and charged after two women accused him of rape in Los Angeles in October 2013 and another case in January 2014.  Another woman from Louisiana also claimed Sharper raped her in his apartment in September 2013.  Sharper was not charged in that case but it is still under investigation.

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Now the case has taken another turn as court documents allege Sharper drugged and raped at least seven women in four different states.  According to TMZ Sports, Sharper used zolpidem (Ambien) and morphine to drug the women.

Among the charges from the original case include two counts of rape by use of drugs, four counts of furnishing a controlled substance and one count of possession of a controlled substance, all felonies.


According to officials, Sharper met the two women in a West Hollywood nightclub on October 30th.  He then allegedly invited them to another party before taking them to his hotel room and giving them shots.  The women then passed out and hours later one of the women claims she woke up with Sharper sexually assaulting her.  The second woman says she woke up and “interrupted his actions”.

Sharper then allegedly struck again in January 2014, finding two more women and using the same scheme.  The two women sought medical treatment after leaving his hotel.

Sharper is also accused of drugging and raping women in Nevada, Arizona and the case I mentioned in Louisiana.  According to a court filing Sharper is accused of supplying a controlled substance on 11 different occasions,  and it argued Sharper’s bond should be raised to $10 million.

According to TMZ Sports officials believe to have their hardest evidence in Arizona. Sharper allegedly pulled his same routine of picking up three women this time, giving them shots and then raping them.

The next day the women went to the police and one of the shot glasses was collected for evidence.  The glass tested positive for Ambien which is one of the drugs believed to be used on all his victims.

He’s only been charged for the Los Angeles cases where he was arrested on January 17th.  He was released on $200,000 bail but had to surrender his passport and must remain in Los Angeles.  He will be arraigned on February 20, he faces up to 30 years in jail.  As stated before, the other cases are still under investigation.

– Shaina Auxilly (@Shay_Marie)