Lord-JamarIn an interview with DJ Vlad, Brand Nubian member Lord Jamar discusses George Zimmerman getting paid for boxing hip hop artist, DMX. “It’s some bullish….,” he said.

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During the interview, Lord Jamar said that he would love to see DMX smash Zimmerman, but he doesn’t want Zimmerman to profit from getting knocked out. “Celebrities are people to be celebrated,” the socially conscious MC said. “So, how are you going to become a celebrity from killing a 17-year old child?” Jamar said.

Also during the interview, Lord Jamar says that Zimmerman goes after guys who he thinks are weak like G.O.O.D. Music CEO Kanye West.  “This is where that skirt shit comes back to haunt you, because everybody looking at you as an emasculated dude now. So, now you got faggot a… ni… like Geroge Zimmerman calling you out,” Jamar says.


The Brand Nubian MC has been outspoken about homosexuality and white people being “guest” in hip hop.

Watch the interview and tell us what you think.