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When a movie franchise succeeds (or fails), it will inevitably reemerge years later with a new coat of paint. Remakes are a great way for studios to reinvigorate a classic series, and capitalize on it’s fan base. The new versions are usually either hit or miss, with very little grey area. Christopher Nolan’s reimagining of Batman is the definitive example of a remake executed flawlessly, whereas the 2012 remake of Total Recall was the exact opposite. Fans and critics alike are incessantly vocal in their critiques of reboots, even more so than original films, so the pressure of exceeding expectations is all-encompassing. With the release of the remake of the late 80’s early 90’s  hyper-violent Robocop series this weekend, here are the 5 remakes to look forward to this year.

-Khari Clarke (@KINGCLAKREIII)