young-thug-wale-stoner-remix-1While most tourist traveling down to New Orleans this weekend, may have never heard of the Stoner Sultan’s, Young Thug, name before, everyone with a hip hop pulse has been keenly aware of his music for sometime now. His “Stoner” and “Danny Glover” have become certified hits, both receiving the remix treatment from heavy weight emcees, including Nicki Minaj on the latter track. In almost any club you happen to walk into, you can be sure to hear his unorthodox, slightly melodic, always on point flow gracing your ears from out of the speakers. He is a club god right now, but he just needs that right team to pick him and push him off the bench, onto the floor, under the bright lights.

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Recently, Thugga has been sporting a lot of Cash Money merchandise, from GTV bottle chains to shirts. He also tweeted out “RichGang….YMCMB family”, which made the rumors of his signing spread faster than ever. However, nothing was made official; neither he nor Birdman ever spoke out about this incident—until tonight.

Stepping out of a red Maybach, Baby and Young Thug stopped to take some quick pictures with fans and the press, before heading inside of a night club. One of Mass Appeal’s journalists raised the question of his signing to Thugga, who immediately turned around and stated “Yeah. I signed.” There you have it folks, Young Thug is officially a part of the Cash Money team; giving even more strength to an already intimidatingly powerful entity. Hopefully, their history of success will educate them on how to probably use the talented Atlanta rapper, who can make some serious headway with proper management. We look forward to hearing more.


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