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lebron-dunkThe 2014 NBA All Star Game is in the books, with the Eastern Conference All Star’s pulling out the win over the West by a score of 163 – 155.

The game was highly entertaining with tons of scoring, records set (most points in a first half, and most 3 pointers by Carmelo Anthony) as well as loads of highlight dunks.

TNT carried the broadcast and along with the normal TV camera angle that was offered both on TV & Streaming they had an additional Overdrive Stream which provided viewers with many different angles , including Player Cameras.  The fans were able to vote during the game and on multiple occasions chose for Lebron James to be shadowed by the cameras.


Lets see what we learned.



1) Lebron aka Fonz Lebron really is the coolestLebron Cam NBA All Star Game 2014“haha, yea Bron, thats a good one, your so funny”
*Durant shrugs shoulders & grunts*

See what else we learned about Bron Bron, as well as a bonus Carmelo lesson learned below

Spencer @sjeezs