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What inspired your fashion line?

Well, I was always into fashion ever since way back. As long as I can remember. My mother was heavy into fashion so she always inspired me but as I got older I still didn’t know which direction I really wanted to go towards in my life. It was few things that inspired me. One in particular was just being out and about and just going to certain functions and someone would have the same outfit because you know we would all shop at the same places so I was like, “You know what? Let me start a custom dress line.” And that was my initial idea; to do custom dresses and stuff like that. So once that became a hit I was like, “I want to go ahead and create a whole clothing line.” That’s how I basically started. A girl had my outfit on in the club and I got mad.




What do you love the most about being a designer?

I love the creative side of it. Just sitting there putting ideas and concepts together and then watch it come to life. It is exciting. I’m sure you could picture just sketching out stuff and actually seeing people wearing it? It is amazing.

How does it feel to receive such a great response from your followers and fans?

It’s amazing. It is a dream come true. Even when it comes to celebrities. I get so many calls from their stylists and them saying how much they love my line. It is really a dream come true. I can’t believe how fast it happened in such little time.  Also, I worked so hard and grinded and it wasn’t easy. I really went out there and I hustled so I feel like I deserve it but it’s still like a dream come true.

Do you travel to make custom dresses for celebrities?

Yes, I do travel and I have also people calling me who want to work with me and put together designs and ideas. Also people reaching out for collaborations, like top designers, one of them were Mark Fast reached out to me. That is in the works now.



Besides the collaborations what are you planning to do next? Are you planning on adding menswear?

I am thinking of adding mens designs. I’ve already created few pieces. I posted on my Instagram couple of months ago and I got so many calls and emails about that.  So I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully by this Spring/Summer time but for now I’m rebranding my children’s line because I kind of put that out too soon and I didn’t have everything organized with that. So I’m just restructuring that now. I’m also going to make a skateboard line for my son. My daughter has a line and he’s like, “Mom how come I don’t have one,” so I’m going to help him with that. Just so they learn that they have to work for whatever they want in this world. I also have a skin care line that I am working on right now.

What’s you favorite piece from your line?

I can’t really say because I love them all.  Of course I like my bodycon selection because they just fit me so well.




What is your own personal style?

When I first started my line I was like into sexy and revealing like cut outs and fishnets but as I’ve grown, my personal style has changed. I have toned it down a lot. I still think it’s important to be sexy but less is better.

What style icons do you look up to?

I look up to people like Donatella Versace. I love Jennifer Lopez; I love everything about Jennifer Lopez’s style. Those two are my favorite really and of course Kim Kardashian’s style.



What clothing lines do you follow?

I am obsessed with Kenzo right now. I’ve always been a fan of Mark Fast and not just because of the collaboration but I’ve always liked them. I like designers who really think outside of the box.

Are you attending FW this week? Even if not what do you think of fashion week? Is that your dream to be part of that?

I actually just got back. I went to the Hermes show. I actually met up with Max Azria. It was a big deal for me. I went to the Elle Magazine party. I met up with lot of up and coming designers or well known designers. I was actually very inspired. I only went for two days. The weather here was too bad so I didn’t want to get stuck out there in New York for too long. It is my dream to get into fashion week and I’m working on it as we speak.  Hopefully by next year!


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