sonny, bodybuilder, 70 years old, motivationMotivation Monday starts in the mind.

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Sonny is a 70 year old bodybuilder. That’s right, 70 years old. While plenty of time has passed in his life, Sonny feel younger than ever. Having started lifting at age 44 to deal with the hardships of a bad marriage, Sonny began becoming addicted to the gym as a way of coping. Soon after he began competing and began what has now been a long journey of dedication and hard work.

What is most impressive about Sonny is his mindset. Sonny attributes his health and body to his mind. He believes age is just a number and that your body will begin to feel old if you let your mind feel old. His story is truly motivational in the sense that he does not let time hold him back from achieving anything. This should be a reminder to all of us that it is never to late to start doing something and that every passing second is an opportunity missed at beginning or starting something that could be life changing. Check out his story below.