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Winter Olympics medal count update: USA at 18 total in 4th place.

We certainly hope everyone had time to enjoy this long weekend and do a bit more than just post an IG picture of their favorite president. For those who weren’t as luck as some of us, here’s some new music to reward yourself with. It’s a good mix of some artists who have been MIA and totally new faces. But don’t let the music end the journey. See when these artists are coming to a venue near you and tell us how well they throw it down on stage.

In case anyone has this column’s aim twisted, consider being featured on SYLR as the official first step to your endless path to getting to the top of the chain and staying there. Notice how we said, “staying there.” Some artists have been putting in work and have seen relatively minimal hype. This platform was created to spotlight those deserving the attention of industry folk, fans, and everyone in between. Be sure to stay up to date on what’s legit by checking out the four projects below. If you feel differently, we welcome you to prove us otherwise.


Attention all rappers: This weekly post is a call to arms-lyrical arms. If you do this thing called rap, these four projects are four slaps in the face punches to the throat. And no one just takes a punch to the throat without retaliation. Let’s see yours. And for those who were selected already, let’s see where you go from here. The Source is watching…

West: Co$$I Used to Lust H.E.R.

About time we got a new project from the Leimert Park native. He decided to drop a project on Valentine’s Day like every other rapper but this one is in a league of its own. Co$$ has taken Common’s metaphor one step further by explaining his relationship with women now that he’s become somewhat jaded with their antics. It’s not your typical romantic, “I can be sensitive, too,” Hip-Hop.

Midwest: Lil HerbWelcome To Fazoland

Lil Herb and Lil Bibby have been leading the way out of Chicago with responsible street hits. Even without the DJ drops polluting the music, you can tell the type of music Lil Herb is packing. But if you listen to the lyrics, he’s giving you insight to his grim lifestyle with the epithet, “Live by the gun, die by the gun,” floating in the back of his mind. It’s action-reaction for him but it seems like he’ll be managing those primary actions soon enough.

South: Rome FortuneBeautiful Pimp 2

If there was a spectrum of sensitive pimps, you’d have Marcus the Timid Pimp at one end and then Rome Fortune at the end. Rome has the success oriented drive of a pimp but is aware of the x factors that come with dealing with humans. He’s toned down the ruthless aspect of his business and in turn, has found the beautiful part of his soul. And the production is what you’d expect to find in the private stash of a pimp’s music collection-obscure, other worldly sounds that you could still groove to. And if Rap doesn’t work out for him for whatever reason, you already know he has a decent shot as a creative director anywhere (see: his mixtape covers).

East: ShirtRAP

Shirt is one of those emcees that you need to hear every once in a while to ground you. I’ve classified him in a category of artists who can rap like he’s having a conversation with you, except it’s never boring and you learn something from his perspective. His natural ability to spit leaves room for his wit to shine through. It’s like having a rapper friend and you get to hear all the best/worst stories of a celebrity from the eyes of a regular dude.

Trust me, I listen to every submission. To get your project considered for SYLR, please email the following information to

Where you’re representing
Short bio
Streaming link to your project (do not attach any music)

Bryan Hahn (@notupstate)