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Last night’s thrilling episode of The Walking Dead gave fans exactly what they were looking for in a ‘Where Are They Now’ theme. Here are’s top hair raising moments!

1. Beth and Daryl run away from the prison and collapse from exhaustion. Beth recites one of her journal entries from brighter times when they found the prison. After Beth insists that she and Daryl do something she storms into the woods and Daryl has no choice but to follow her. This season opens with the children of the group becoming a little pushy and sometimes demanding. Oh and did Daryl gain muscle during the shows sabbatical?


2. Beth breaks down when they approach a pack of walkers eating human remains. Hopeful the group is alive, she insists Daryl have a little faith and Daryl replies, “Faith ain’t do s*** for your father.” Ouch Daryl.

3. Mika and Lizzie travel down the road with Tyreese who reveals that he is holding Judith. Attempting to comfort Mika and change Judith’s diaper proves to be difficult for Tyreese who yells at Mika as she runs away after a crow alarms them. Tyreese coaches the 2 girls in ‘walker 101’ until he hears the faint screams of nearby people who could be from their group. He runs off as Mika screams “Please don’t go!” Toughen up kid you’ve been through worse.

4. Tyreese approaches a pair of unknown men and help them fight off the walkers until they meet their demise. Meanwhile Lizzie proves she’s the bad seed by attempting to smother Judith to quiet her cries.

5. As Lizzie smothers Judith, Mika attempts to shoot a walker as Tyreese hears the gunshot. ‘Tyreese!…. A voice yells out and its the person we’ve been wondering about. Carol! After being banished by Rick, Mika’s request for Carol is fulfilled and Tyreese is so happy he hugs her tightly forgetting he wants to kill her in revenge.

6. Maggie, Sasha and Bob continue down the road until Maggie insists she must go back to look for Glenn. Stumbling across the prison bus, Maggie, Bob and Sasha kill the walkers on the bus who were once friends of theirs at the prison. Much to Maggie’s hagrin…still no Glenn.

7. Glenn wakes up still at the now defunct prison. He escapes the ledge he’s hanging on over a dozen walkers and goes in the prison ready to give up. He lays down on the bed and catches a glimpse of a picture of Maggie and grabs his riot gear ready to find his true zombie apocalypse love. As he escapes the prison he notices Tara in a fenced in section of the prison. “I’m part of the group that did this,” she says. “Why would you want my help?”
“I don’t want it. I need it,” Glenn answers.

8. In an attempt to leave the prison together, Glen and Tara fight off a group of walkers as Glenn falls down from exhaustion. Tara bludgeons the last walker as a tank of new unfamiliar steps into the scene.

Tune in next week for the conclusion of The Walking Dead on AMC TV at 8pm!