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On the season three premiere of the VH1 hit show, Basketball Wives LA, we are introduced to new wives: Brittish Williams, she is the fiancee of Lorenzo Gordon, Brandi Maxiwell, she is the wife of Jason Maxiwell and Sundy Carter, who was romantically linked to Larry Hughes.

While our favorites are back like Draya, Malaysia, and Jackie as they are taking LA by storm and Her Source is here to give you the full recap of what happened on this season premiere. Malaysia went to see Draya whom she haven’t seen in a while and Draya tells Malaysia that she is in love with her new boyfriend, Orlando Scandrick, cornerback of the Dallas Cowboys.


As they were talking, Draya tells Malaysia that she admires her because her husband is on the road and that she is fully confident with herself about handling her husband being on the road.  Jackie and Doug are cooking out at their house and they are talking about doing a charity event with GLADD about making the charity for gay rights and those that are gay. Doug think it is a good idea and that she should tell the rest of the girls. In the next scene, we are introduced to Brittish Williams who is the fiancee of overseas basketball player, Lorenzo Gordon and she owns her website selling women’s clothes.

Jackie and Sundy are walking getting some lunch and they are talking about Sundy’s personal life with her daughter Deiga. As they are talking, Sundy tells Jackie that her daughter ran away and that she discovered that there was a picture of a guy’s private part & her daughter next to the picture. Jackie couldn’t fathom the situation and they stopped talking about the situation. While at the beach new cast member, Brandi and Malaysia are hanging out together with their husbands & kids. New cast member Brandi revealed that she was a survivor of ovarian cancer and that she lost her child while she had the cancer. She is one cast member that I admire.

Jackie and Brittish are out  for lunch and they are talking about their personal lives with their men and that Brittish revealed that she knows that her fiancee dibs and dabs without her knowing it but she insists that she doesn’t put it pass him.  Jackie meets with new recurring cast member, Ariane about the event but she is skeptical about the event because of what is about but she is hypocritical about the situation because she all about equality but not about gay people. This makes Jackie kind of upset but let her have an opinion about it.

All of the girls meet except for Malaysia to discuss about the event and turns left as everyone get into drama as they are meeting for the first time. Brittish caught an attitude with Brandi because she asked Sundy about her personal life and then she asks Draya if she’s a ho but that is the one thing that a woman would not admit to even if she is that is no one business about it. Ariane gets into it with Draya because of Ariane’s ex-fiancee and the fact that she slept with him while they have two kids. This is just the first episode of the new season, you could imagine what the season is going to be like.

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