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HerschelImage2Herschel Supply co. sticking to its hipster, soft-rugged image has added a little flavor to their instagram profile.

Now the stuff of Insta-Legend, Herschel’s outfit grids or travel kits can easily be found stocked with either the Classic, or Little America Backpacks. Often paired with simple Nikes, a Herschel wallet, shirt, pants and a occasional Surfers Journal; food for thought.

Occasionally, said grids may surprise, the travel kits with a passport, speed lite and Canon 5d Mark II with a 50 mm 1.4. It would seem Herschel’s instagrammer does not travel light. Nor is he a hobbyist from the look of some images.



Herschel’s Insta-feed is littered with some of the most creative, and outstanding landscape imagery. Even the shots they curate, from other dope profiles, to their own pics, I a portrait photographer am inspired and often struck in awe. From city-scapes of Tokyo, to sunset-lit lakes in the Pacific North West, Herschel collects and posts only the best work offered.

Herschel’s social media branding is using shots around the world to highlight the need for their travel gear. It is from these images that I grow the need to follow them. You should to!