Nore-and-PunIn an exclusive interview with Hip Hop DX, N.O.R.E reminisced on how the late Big Pun got on “Banned From T.V.,” a track from N.O.R.E’s 1998 debut solo album, N.O.R.E. 

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“Actually, Pun bullied his way on there,” N.O.R.E said in the interview.  “I had Nature on there, but Pun was in the studio. I went to take a shit and Pun snuck himself on there. I wanted to erase [Pun’s Verse] ’cause he violated. But I never did erase it. That was always my brother.” N.O.R.E. said.

N.O.R.E. and Pun also collaborated on, “You Came Up,” from Pun’s platinum selling 1998 album, Capital Punishment, which made Pun the first Latino rapper to get a platinum plaque.


In 2000, the Bronx native, Pun, died from a heart attack. His albums, Yeeeah Baby and Endangered Species were released posthumously in 2000 and 2001, respectively. Also, in 2009, Big Pun: The Legacy Documentary was released.  The documentary contains interviews with artist, family members and friends. It also contains unseen performances and interviews with Pun.

Recently, the hip hop veteran, N.O.R.E., released Resource Room with a group young soldiers known as Good Belt Gang.