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Last week on the BET hit series, Being Mary Jane, it was official between Andre and Mary Jane as he is living with her until his new apartment is finished. Mary Jane’s mother, Helen is upset at her husband, Paul for not getting her a platinum table for the upcoming Jack and Jill gala to raise money for the UNCF.

This week, things got complicated between Andre and Mary Jane as she found out that Andre has a picture from the gala that his friend took with her & David resulted in an argument between them causing them not to have faith within each other. The next morning, PJ comes to Mary Jane’s house to tell her that he is on the run from the cops because of a drug deal gone wrong.


Andre insisted that he talked to his friend that is a cop to talk to him about the situation. While going to work, MJ seen her friend Kara crying in her car but she doesn’t tell her what happened. Mary Jane’s mother tells her that Niecy wants to get her tubes tied after the birth of her child. MJ finds out about David’s new girlfriend who is a supermodel in a magazine. Mary Jane is doing everything she can to please everybody but it’s not working in her favor.

Helen asks Paul if she was cheating on her with their friend since she has lupus but insisted that he wants to be her only. Kara’s sons and ex-husband feels like she has abandoned them because of her job and he gives her an ultimatum to choose the job or her family, which is hard for a woman to choose.  While visiting her mother, she revealed to her that she was having an affair with Andre, who was married but she tells her to break things off for good. Mary Jane officially ends things with Andre as she realizes that she still loves David and he probably still loves Avery. Towards the end of the show, Andre moves out of Mary Jane’s house and he gives her back her keys.

Tune in next week for the 2-hour season finale

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