child support, baby, money, Project Child Support, Kai D. Patterson, Stevie J., R. KellyThe organization that went after Stevie J and R. Kelly for the millions they owed in back child support opens up shop in New York and New Jersey.

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Project Child Support will now officially be able to help millions of disadvantaged children and parents.


The organization, notorious for forcing Stevie J and R. Kelly to pony up large portions of their past due support payments, announced yesterday that they will be opening offices in both New York City and Newark, NJ.

The locations of both offices were specifically chosen to give parents an easy commute to a one stop shop where they can meet with on staff advocates and attorneys.

Newark native Kai D. Patterson, who spearheaded the movement to honor his own mother, who was never able to collect child support, said:

“It is important that parents have easy access to meet with our advocates, paralegals and attorneys to receive help.  We felt it was important to have offices in New York’s and New Jersey’s largest cities to service parents.”

Parents in receiving state assistance that live in New Jersey or any of the five boroughs of New York City will be eligible to receive services at no cost.

Statistics show that approximately $100 billion dollars of past due child support is owed to custodial parents across America.

Taxpayers pick up half of that tab, through government programs.

The New York office is located at 100 Church Street, 8th floor, Suite 834 in New York, New York, while the New Jersey office is located at 1 Gateway Center, Suite 2600, Unit 23 in Newark, New Jersey.

Meanwhile, recent reports allege that R. Kelly still isn’t paid up and could be facing jail time.

Sources say he skipped a November hearing and has been avoiding his lawyer’s phone calls.

Neither R. Kelly nor Stevie J is the first entertainer to face legal issues over unpaid child support; entertainers are infamous for being difficult to collect from, due to their use of financial advisors and dummy companies to hide assets.

Chief Keef,  Special Ed, and even the dearly departed Nate Dogg have also recently faced legal issues stemming from unpaid child support.

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  • Dadzrites says:

    The entire child support industry is a fraud. Eliminating this $10 BILLION per year waste of taxpayers’ monies and sending the saved money directly to the child support recipients like Social Security payments (Federal child support enforcement laws which all states are bound to follow are found under the umbrella of the Social Security Act) would be more productive and eliminate government waste. And, we could get rid of all the “deadwood” nasty, arrogant, incompetent government employees while we’re at it.

    Two days ago, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that child support is NOT about financial obligations and is more than just financial support. It is about the “care and support” of children. In ruling against the State criminal prosecutors, the term “care and support” was considered too ambiguous and could create issues for other prosecuting attorneys in Minnesota”

    Given that U.S. Gov’t GAO statistics show that over 66% of all child support payors cannot afford to pay support because they’re unemployed, underemployed, disabled, dead, or the support amounts are fictitious to the point that they can never be met, it’s time for a full-scale review of ALL child support laws in the United States, in every state.

    Or, maybe “deadbroke dads” and “dads beaten dead” should band together and pull a “Ukraine” on these offices.