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Later this week New York Cit will be experiencing 50 degree weather. May not seem like a lot but when you’ve endured the winter that fellow New Yorkers have it’s straight up Dubai weather. While most New Yorkers were doing everything they could to avoid the snow, Casey Neistat decided to snowboard through the city streets and capture one last bit of winter before the snow begins to melt. FYI, Casey has really dope videos on his Youtube channel.

What’s to blame for the current weather? Polar vortex. Step aside global warming, the breakdown of the polar vortex and subsequent southward movement of tropospheric Arctic air is why the whole country has been experience peculiar weather this year. The “2014 North American cold wave” began early in January and we are seeing it’s effects all the way up until now. There, now you learned something about the weather so you can sound extra smart when you talk to people.