London crooner Sampha & His ‘Dual’ Personality

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London has been catching my ear lately with this wave of new music. It’s like they’re stuck in some universe that has 80s elements, 90s soul, and a futuristic spin on it all. I digress. Why did no one tell me about this Artist?! I initially heard him on Drake’s newest album “Nothing Was the Same”. I remember first hearing the “Too Much” joint and thinking “Who the hell is he? His voice is amazing!”

He’s got a distinct, unique voice, cadence, and accent that makes him stand out of the crowd. Sampha is a 24 year old elDualectronic music producer/singer-songwriter coming out of Morden, South London. His Dual EP is the follow-up to his debut Sundanza that was released in 2010. Upon listening to Dual, I was instantly snatched into an alternate universe of tranquility, harmony, and abstract vocalism. It’s just a mix of everything that I love: it’s got soul, it’s abstract, slightly electronic, it’s that “let’s-light-some-incense” kind of music. In my opinion, I feel that the EP is ahead of its time sonically.


The EP consists of 6 tracks and I love them all. My favorites would have to be “Beneath the Tree”, “Indecision“, and “Without”.

What shocks me most about Sampha though is that it seems like people have caught on to him. I would’ve figured that people were all on this guy. I feel like in two years, he’s going to be at the top. He’s got to be. He’s just got that sound that’s undeniable and destined for greatness. My only problem with this project is that it’s too short! I understand that EP’s aren’t SUPPOSED to be long, but c’mon! I need more from him. Hopefully, he’ll be dropping some new tunes soon?  If you’re into London’s new music, you’ll love this project and be bumping it faithfully like I have. There’s definitely something brewing overseas. Hopefully, you all catch heed!

– Amarii (@AmariiDavu)

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