Apple iPhone with Social Media AppsThe Talking Angela App hoax about a pedophile ring and a danger to kids pushed the app to the top 10.

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The Talking Angela app is in the Top 10 free iPhone apps right now thanks to a scare that started on Facebook and quickly stirred up parents who worried that the app was the front for a “PEDO RING” exploiting children who play the game with a talking cat.

This is the second Talking Angela hoax to arrive in just under a year, and like the first one there is no truth to the rambling claims that the app is trying to steal personal information and trick kids into communicating with Pedophiles and strangers.



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The Talking Angela app scare started up again in a Facebook post where a user warns parents in all caps, broken english and words that don’t agree or even match up to the actual app, that Talking Angela is bad news for kids.

– Scott Randell (@DefinedByMvsic)