kendrick boxin


The last time Kendrick Lamar rapped about the loss of his friend, Chad, was on Fredo Santana‘s 2013 single “Jealous”, which featured one of the better guest verses we heard from Kendrick all last year, which is saying something. On “Jealous” Kendrick went from half-singing/half-whispering to full-blown screaming into the microphone, and he raps on “Really Be (Smokin’ & Drinkin’), the 11th track on My Krazy Life, in a similar fashion. In a verse that proves to be Kendrick attacking the “Swimming Pools” concept from a different angle, he justifies his affinity for alcohol and other vices by detailing some of the messed up sh*t that’s happened to him recently, including the death of his dear friend Chad. Though hardship is always hard to hear about, it also happens to bring out the best of Kendrick, and you won’t be disappointed with his verse on this song.