PaulWilliamsThe out-of-work actor turned ASCAP President, Paul Williams, speaks on streaming services. A Grammy award, Golden Globe and Oscar-winning member of the songwriters Hall of Fame, known for classic songs like “The Rainbow Connection,” “We’ve Only Just Begun” and many more. He also co-wrote “Touch” and “Beyond” from Random Access Memories and sang the lead vocal on “Touch.”

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Keeping the focus on the business side of things he spoke on streaming sites like Pandora, Spotify, Beats Music and more. Williams spoke out about how musicians are getting screwed for their royalties due to these services.

“The fact is that there are just few areas and few placements where they are not giving us fair and equitable payment for the work that is being done,” said Williams. “To pay eight cents for 1,000 streams when the head of Pandora is takes more money home than the entire membership in like a month…it’s insane. I can be off on those figures, but it’s out of balance.”


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