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All hail Queen Yonce. The superstar’s “Mrs.Carter Show World Tour” is on pace to gross $200 million in revenue, making her the highest paid black musician in history! She is accomplishing the historic feat during Black History Month, of all months. I hope other female emcees  are taking notes. We already knew Bey was filthy rich, but this new statistic is a great accomplishment for her, the black community, and Hip Hop/R&B as a whole. Hopefully it is only the beginning…



Beyonce is expected to make well over 200 million dollars by the time the Mrs Carter Show World Tour wraps up this year (2014). The tour, which was already the highest grossing concert by a female artist in 2013, is set to become the most successful of her entire career and make her the highest paid black musician of all time!

More impressive is the fact that Mrs Carter is the director and executive producer of this entire production and is touring the world with her all female band and eight female backing dancers with the exception of the french dancing duo, “Les Twins” the only men on this tour are cast and crew.

There tour was put together by her production company “Parkwood Entertainment”, which is also responsible for creating her visual album and her directorial movie debut “Life Is But A Dream.”

Fun fact: Janet Jackson’s epic “Rhythm Nation Tour” only grossed $116 million, and yes those numbers are adjusted based on inflation for 2014. You go girl.

Matt Whitlock – @mattwhitlockpm