snoopSnoop Dogg is stepping up his social media presence. 

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Did you know that Snoop Dogg had a Snoopify mobile photo app? 3 million fans have downloaded it thus far and about  100,000 photos are posted a day from via this app.

His team said in a statement: “The Snoopify application has built a large library of original stickers and content and created a fervent, loyal online following that allows fans to choose from the collection to creatively “Snoopify” their photos and share instantly with friends online. As such, developers are now working on creating even more excitement by putting the final touches on an In-Application messenger and private photo sharing so fans and connect across an even bigger level.”


Snoopify is now available for free download. The app features new, never-before-seen graphics of Snoop-inspired Snoop funk artwork and looks and it allows users to ‘Snoopify’ existing photos from their Library and Camera, or create their own version of Snoop that are easy to share on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other apps.