Suge Knight
Shady record deals have been an ongoing issue since hip-hop was created during the 1970s.  Earlier this week, Death Row Records CEO,Suge Knight, visited the Arsenio Hall Show. And, one of the topics that Hall and Suge discussed was record deals.  Suge said that Compton rappers The Game and Kendrick Lamar have some of the worst record deals in the industry.

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“It’s not so much the production companies fault. But, what people don’t realize that, if you on Universal, it’ the ship. Then Interscope get their cut, then Aftermath get their cut, then G-Unit get their cut, then the guy who really has The Game signed, it was another production company, then it came to The Game…The reality is there’s more slavery now than ever.”

Also, during the interview, Suge Knight said that one of the reasons he got into the music business is because record labels turned their backs on friend and former artist D.O.C. after he lost his voice from a car accident. He also said the that former Aftermath CEO Dr. Dre was getting 1 cent per album when he was signed to Ruthless Records.


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