Ariography EP serves as soulful, relaxation music

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Ari Lennox, DC born and raised singer/songwriter, dropped the link for her newest project entitled Ariography EP on Facebook last month. I’m just now hearing it and I’m Ari Lennox 2thoroughly pleased. If I were to compare Ari’s voice to anybody, it would be a difficult pick. She’s definitely in her own league, but in the event that I had to choose, I would say she sounds similar to the late Amy Winehouse.

Lennox has a voice that’s clearly distinguishable from the artists that are out today. Her sound is reminiscent of a movie soundtrack’s pick for a God-painted, vibrantly colored sunset scene. The EP will be perfect for those long road trips you’ll be taking during the summer. The project consists of 6 tracks. I can guarantee that you’ll have the EP on repeat for hours. My favorite joints from the project would be “La La La La” , “Outro”, and “Mumbles”I look forward to hearing more music from Ari. She’s another artist you should check out!



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