Two worlds of hip-hop collide

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MTV Iggy premiered a new visual that combines two different aspects of hip-hip together. Yas, the first rapper authorized to perform by the Iranian government, linked up with rebellious rapper Tech N9ne for “Sound Of Unity”. Tech N9ne raps “Iran to Missouri, we’re calming the fury” and he couldn’t be more correct.


Yas raps in Farsi, a dialect native to Iran. We’ve all heard rapping in several different languages from Spanish to Japanese. But Farsi is climbing to reach the commercial level. Often referred as the “Persian Tupac”, Yas is on his way to bringing his native tongue to the forefront. Tech N9ne even covers the closing chorus in Farsi. With this video in circulation, the collaboration definitely opens the doors for more multi-ethnic expansion in hip-hop.

Check out the visual here.

Tony Centeno (@_tonyMC)