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Enter Sol Galeano. A 21-year old femcee from the city of New Orleans or as she would say it “…the city where the demons hold our head under water…”. She’s a mix between Queen Latifah (because of the royalty that she speaks with), Lauryn Hill (because she can either sing her soul, rap it out, or vent through poetry), and, well, Sol Galeano 2herself. Those comparisons aren’t to say that she SOUNDS like either woman or anybody else for that matter. She definitely has her own sound and style. I’m going to be quite honest with you all when I say that I fell in love with this woman’s Art. For Oye Mi Canto to be her debut LP, she did one hell of a job with it.

Her sound is pure and honest. I feel that it’s exactly what our culture has been missing. We need more Artists that are willing to be this transparent on records! I listened to this project from beginning to end more than once and I’ve got to say that I am completely impressed with Sol. This is somebody that needs to be heard on a larger scale. My favorite tracks from this LP were “X”, “Blood Fire”, “Lost ’92”, and “Breathe, Relax”. I could not get past the “X” joint for a solid hour!


I can always find a flaw that sticks out whether that flaw is the lyrics of a particular song, a bad guest feature, a beat that embodies the term ‘cacophony’, or something. With this LP though, I could NOT find anything. It’s a solid effort. I definitely look forward to hearing more music and soul from this emcee. Oye Mi Canto translates to “hear my song” and I just want Sol to know that I definitely hear it. Bless.

If you want to hear the project, go here.

To follow her on Twitter, go here: @Artistofculture

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