What will the future bring for EDM & Hip-Hop?

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It’s not a passing trend. The fusion of hip-hop & EDM will continue whether naysayers like it or not. Though it’s been happening since the late 80’s, EDM artists continue to contribute to Hip-Hop in more ways than one. Whether it’s an exclusive remix of a hip-hop song or lending some help in producing a new hit, there have been several EDM artists that have been bridging the gap between the genres lately.


Diplo, Steve Aoki and Major Lazer are just a few artists that have linked up with key players in the game like Snoop Lion, Kid Cudi and so many more. Some tracks have skyrocketed to the top while others were just for fun. Regardless of the success, the fact that artists from both sides are continuing to collaborate and have made a healthy habit of it.

Here are just some of the main EDM artists that have thrown down their talents in the name of hip-hop.