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Kevin Love, Triple Double, Utah, Minnesota, NBAWe learned a lot about some NBA teams last night. The Charlotte Bobcats have won four straight and seem like they are ready to make a strong finish as the season winds down. On the other hand, teams like the New York Knicks may have put the final nail in their coffin with a loss last night.

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Timberwolves 121, Jazz 104

A double-double is a walk in the park for Kevin Love of the Timberwolves, as he leads the NBA with 46 double-doubles in 55 games. He took it to another level and went for his first triple-double of the season last night in Utah. Once Love hops onto a contending team in the future, the entire league will be in trouble.

Love completely dominated this game and went for 37 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists. Enes Kanter led the Jazz with 25 points and seven rebounds.

The Timberwolves improve to 27-28 and the Jazz drop to 19-36.

Warriors 93, Nets 86

The Brooklyn Nets have a 15-6 record since January 1st, which is the best in the Eastern Conference. The Warriors slowed the Nets down and picked up a much needed home victory. Stephen Curry banked in a late three to seal the deal n Golden State.

Veteran Jermaine O’neal led the Warriors with 23 points and 13 rebounds. Deron Williams finished with 20 points for the Nets.

The Warriors improve to 34-22 and the Nets fall to 25-28.

Mike Scott, NBA, Hawks, Knicks, Atlanta

Hawks 107, Knicks 98

The New York Knicks have been disappointing to say the least. They lost a game last night against a struggling Atlanta Hawks team that previously lost eight straight games. Losing their second straight game, Knicks fans may have lost hope in this dysfunctional squad.

Mike Scott scored a career-high 30 points for the Hawks. Carmelo Anthony has become a one-man army as he led the Knicks with 35 points.

The Hawks improve to 26-29 and the Knicks drop to 21-35.

Bobcats 92, Grizzlies 89

With their fourth straight victory last night in Charlotte, the Bobcats sit a game behind the Washington Wizards for the fifth seed in the East. The Grizzlies could have used a win last night as they continue to fight for the eight spot in the West playoff picture.

Kemba Walker led the Bobcats with 31 points and eight rebounds. Mike Conley finished the game with 16 points for the Grizzlies.

The Bobcats improve to 27-30 and the Grizzlies fall to 31-24.

Wizards 94, Pelicans 93

The Wizards understand the importance of each of their remanding games. Any setbacks or losses in a row could cost them a spot in the playoffs. This game came down to the final seconds as the Wizards picked up a one point victory over the Pelicans squad last night in DC.

Nene had a strong performance with 30 points and seven rebounds for the Wizards. Anthony Davis finished the game with 26 points and 11 rebounds for the Pelicans.

The Wizards improve to 27-28 and the Pelicans drop to 23-32.

Mavericks 113, Pistons 102

The Dallas Mavericks are another team that cannot afford any slip ups. They currently sit at the eight spot out West and picked up an expected and necessary victory over a struggling Pistons squad.

Dirk Nowitzki led the Mavs with 24 points last night in Detroit. Josh Smith led the Pistons with 32 points.

The Mavericks improve to 34-23 and the Pistons fall to 23-33.

Pacers 110, Bucks 100

The Bucks fought hard against the best team in the East, but the Pacers finished strong to pick up an expected victory in Milwaukee last night.

David West had a strong game for the Pacers with 30 points and seven rebounds. Brandon Knight finished with 30 points and eight assists for the Bucks.

The Pacers improve to 42-13 and the Bucks fall to 10-45.

Kings 105, Celtics 98

If this young Kings team manages to stay together for the next couple of years and add some more veteran leadership, they might be able to make some noise in the West in the future. For now, they have a young and exciting bunch that can put a lot of points on the board. They picked up a home win against a struggling Celtics squad.

Isaiah Thomas led the Kings with 21 points and 12 assists. Kris Humphries led the Celtics with 19 points and eight rebounds.

The Kings improve to 19-36 and the Celtics fall to 19-38.

-Patrick Hazel (@pattywack25)