rappers, struggle rappers, rappers be like, funnyThis rap thing ain’t for everybody…but try telling that to your local struggle rapper and all his struggle rapper friends.

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We all know of a few of those “rap guys.”

The ones who have been pursuing their rap career so diligently, for so long…except that it’s going uhhh, nowhere.


For them, rapping is no longer a viable career option.

It’s an expensive hobby.

Unless they’re friends with struggle producers:  The guy who steals his little sister’s Playskool recorder and makes “dope beats.”

The bottom line is…these “rappers” really suck.

They just sound like struggle, personified.

Chances are, you’ve heard them say any, if not all of, the following…

Hit the flip to see the things struggle rappers say!

April Dawn (@scarlettsinatra)