bbw la, vh1It is another typical night on Basketball Wives! Coming off of last week, tensions are still flaring between Brandi Maxiell and Sundy Carter about the topic of Sundy’s daughter and Ariane Williams is still upset with Draya Michelle about Draya’s past with her current man DeShawn Stevenson. Tonights episode did not fall short of the drama and fights between the girls.

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Tonight, the show included some touching moments. One being a bonding moment between Sundy and her daughter Deja, whom we learned last week had explicit photos posted on her mother Sundys’ twitter account. Another moment is when we witness Brandi, who we find is battling ovarian cancer, and her husband visit the fertility clinic to see the success rate of her carrying another child after she has had chemotherapy. In good news, the doctor believes that Brandi can successfully conceive a second child. Afterwards, in reality show tradition, is when the drama started!

Sundy revealed to Jackie that she has met Draya before when she used to go under the name “Miami”. “Miami” is, according to Sundy, Draya’s exotic dancer name a few years ago in Philadelphia. Ariane revealed to Malaysia that she is still upset about Draya’s past with DeShawn Stevenson. Then Brittish revealed to Jackie that she still has no care or wishes to have a relationship with Brandi. But at Brittish ‘s Turkish Tea Party is where tempers rose!


At the party, Sundy and Brandi engaged in a dispute about Sundy’s daughters exotic pictures on social media. Sundy reveals to Brandi that she did not like what Brandi had to say to her about her daughter. After Brandi became offended by Sundy’s comments, they both began to yell at each other resulting in Brittish jumping in the conversation. Brittish and Brandi both argue with each other until Brittish kicks Brandi out of her house ending the episode of week 2.

Next week, look forward to trouble in paradise for Draya’s relationship when she will discover her man is not so faithful !


Meashel Mason (@meashelmonique)