Looks like Justin is not moving in! Or is he?

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protestLooks like it may be over for Justin Biebers’ relocation because the Buckhead Neighborhood Coalition is saying no to him moving in. Bieber has been eyeing the $10.9 million home that used to be owned by Dallas Austin. The neighborhood has created a petition that has been signed by a vast amount of people to protest the Biebs’ moving in.

Disturbed residents believe that being next door or a few houses down from Biebs’ is a danger to their children. Will he be drag racing down the block? Will he be drinking and driving during the day while their children are outside playing? Will he be partaking in drug activity in his house? Will he shower their homes on yokey goodness? These are all of the questions that these residents do not want to find answers to.


This Monday morning, the residents of the Buckhead Neighborhood stood outside the house with signs such as “WWJBD? What would Justin Bieber do?” and “No Justi(n)ce, No Peace!” , which all show the few residents anger to the idea of Justin moving in. Sadly though, their attempts to protest fell short with only five residents outside protesting with plenty of Bieber fans lingering around. Will this protest be successful? We say not with five people it will not!


Meashel Mason (@meashelmonique)