American Idol will be losing money this year, why?

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nbc, american idolAfter 13 good seasons for the show that has taken finding hidden talent in America by storm, may be heading towards financial troubles this season. Shocking enough,  American Idol is starting to see a decrease in ratings starting this season. It is a possibility that ratings are decreasing because of the rise of other shows such as The Voice. But we found that another reason in particular why the show is in financial worries may be because of high paying salaries!

Jennifer Lopez, is apparently bringing in approximately about $17.5 million just for an appearance this season! Meanwhile, Ryan Seacrest, will be bringing in nearly 15 million as a host. But it does not stop there. Apparently the show is also currently still paying millions of dollars to executive producers who have been fired from the show. On top of that, the show has invested rough $7 million on a new set for the season and another $5 million on viewers being able to place phone calls.


Where does that leave Idol? No worries, with the recent cancellation of The X Factor, Idol sees no reason to cancel since one competition has been eliminated. Hopefully this results in an excellent turn around financially for Idol.

-Meashel Monique (@meashelmonique)