coldplay_800px-801Band release new track ‘Midnight’ 

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Coldplay seems to have grabbed some goodies from the Beyoncé playbook. At midnight last night, they dropped a single  and visual without any kind of notice. The track is entitled “Midnight” and is a very ambient, peaceful electronic release from the British rock band. The band hasn’t released anything since their 2011 album Mylo Xyloto so this is a complete shock to their fans.

This track will possibly be a single from the band’s currently untitled and unspoken of sixth studio album. As I mentioned before Coldplay also released a visual which was directed by Mary Wigmore, who also directed their “The Hardest Part” video. The video for ‘Midnight’ is a very eccentric, black-and-white visual that perfectly complements the vibe of the track. There has been no word from the band on who produced the track or if the track is in fact a single from their upcoming album.


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