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space_jam_lebron_jamesLooks like Lebron isn’t ready to jam after all… 

The rumor of MVP winner basketball player Lebron James staring in an upcoming Warner Brothers movie is confirmed to be just that–a rumor.


Neither Warner Brothers or Lebron is taking part in the Space Jam 2 project.Brian Windhorst tweeted on Febuary 21, 2014 at 6:28pm. “Well fans it was good while it lasted,Lebron sources refute deadline report, there is no Space Jam 2 or Warner Brothers in the works.” However,


In August of  2012, a fan tweeted Lebron asking him if he loves Space Jam, his reply set off a series of rumors and excitement between his fans and those of the classic that is Space Jam.

The tweet was two years ago and he recently confirmed it wasn’t true. Perhaps a fan took this information and blew it out of proportion. Who knows? Either way, we appreciate the original Space Jam released in 1996 that starred former basketball player Micheal Jordan.

-Asada Nicome ( @SadaBlu )