Premiere Of Fox Searchlight Pictures' "Baggage Claim" - ArrivalsAfter 9 strong years, Paula Patton has had enough of her husband Robin Thicke‘s  insidious cheating. And her fans are right by her side via twitter. People’s Magazine announced Paula Patton and Robin Thicke’s divorce earlier today.  All day long, she has been a trending topic, tweets like “So Paula Patton finally left his ass,” “I wonder if she wants to go half on a baby ‘rubs hands together like birdman’,”  have been flooding timelines, in what we would hope to lift her spirits.

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The couple has been together since they were teenagers, which is why the split is a shock to everyone. The “Blurred Lines” video seems to be the deal breaker for the couple. Lines like “I know you want it” and “Just let me liberate you” claims to have been about his wife, but how could it be when he already domesticated her? We hope the couple will dismiss the divorce, at least for the kids sake.

Twitter fans, both male and female are going after the not yet single Paula Patton. We’ve put together a few of the wittiest tweets since the announcement. Click through and  take tips on how not to bag miss Patton.



Tiy Hampton